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Apex Energetics, Antitox Dtx-Liver A13 - 1 oz

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A-13 DTX-Liver For maintaining the newly achieved systemic balance following the use of remedies A-1 through A-5. Appropriate for sensitive or depleted individuals in the early stages of this program. Especially designed for long-term use for a continued mild drainage effect.

Good for:
 Liver Support: Liver
 Detoxification: Detoxification
DTX-Liver A13 is a homeopathic formula providing stimulation of the natural detoxification processes of the liver.

What DTX-Liver A13 is Best For

DTX-Liver A13 is recommended for those with muscle pains, irritability, headaches, and fatigue.

DTX-Liver A13 may be used for the following:

•Stimulates natural detoxification processes of the liver
•Muscle pains

How DTX-Liver A13 Works

DTX-Liver A13 by Apex Energetics is a homeopathic formula containing a combination of gemmaes, sarcodes, and other homeopathic ingredients.

Adults: 10 drops under the tongue 1-3 times a day or as directed. Children: Use half the adult Serving Size.

Ingredients Bryonia 6X Cascara Sagrada 3X Chelidonium 4X 6X 9X 12X Cholesterinum 6X 9X 12X Hepar 7C Juniperis Communis Gemmae 1X Lycopodium 6X 9X 12X 30X Natrum Sulfuricum 6X Phosphorus 12X 15X 30X Rosmarinus Officinalis Gemmae 1X Secale Cereale Gemmae 1X Vesica Fellae 7C

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