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Biogena, Nutrition

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by Prof. Dr. med. univ. Harald Stossier and Dr. med. Georg Stossier (authors)

Nutritional guide for an individual, healthy life style
Nutrition concerns all of us. We eat several times a day throughout our lives. One could think that we are all experts in nutrition, and yet it becomes difficult to find a common thread in healthy nutrition. Experts (some of them self-proclaimed) recommend different diets. New diets and new wisdom are constantly being published, some of which are contradictory. This leads to great uncertainty. There is only agreement that we can keep ourselves healthy or – on the other hand – get sick through our diet.

The popular Austrian book “Nutrition – What really counts” provides reliable answers and guides you through the jungle of nutritional recommendations. It creates understanding for the basics of a healthy diet and can support the individual in finding a healthy form of nutrition – according to one’s own preferences and taste.

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Biogena, Nutrition

Biogena, Nutrition

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