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Extreme Health USA, White Tea - Organic Loose - 4 Ounces

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A Chinese tea made with leaves that are processed to let them wilt slightly and lose the "grassy" taste of green tea, while undergoing minimal oxidation. White tea has higher levels of antioxidants, less caffeine, and has more anti-viral, anti-bacterial qualities than green tea. It also has more of the amino acid theanine than green and black teas, which is believed to have relaxing and mood enhancing properties.

Direction of use As a dietary supplement,use about two teaspoons of tea per cup

Supplement Facts:


Bring water to boil and let it stand for one minute so as not to ruin this teas delicate flavor. The water temperature should be between 170-185 degrees. Since white tea leaves are loosely packed, use about two teaspoons of tea per cup. Steep at least five to eight minutes. Remove the leaves from the tea before drinking. This will stop the leaves from steeping, allowing you to use them again. Organic White Tea Leaves

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