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Planet Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent - 100 fl oz

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One of the biggest hurdles that environmentally friendly cleaning products have to battle is the stigma that "green" cleaners are not really effective. True, there are many green cleaners out there that really can't compare to leading brand names in terms of cleaning power, however Planet's line of household cleaners performs just as well as many mainstream brands. Some of our customers say even better! All the while, our products work without all the harmful effects on the environment caused by "regular" brands. You don't need to sacrifice cleaning power for environmental friendliness!

Because Planet has been continuously testing and improving our products for over 13 years now, we know what it takes to produce an effective and powerful green cleaner. As a result, Planet continues to be a leading brand of environmentally friendly household cleaners. Here is what some of our customers have to say about Planet:

A powerful detergent that is tough on stains, but gentle on skin. Contains no perfumes, dyes, enzymes or optical brighteners -- additives that typically remain on your clothes even after rinsing and can cause skin irritation. Perfectly suited for people with sensitive skin and for washing your baby's clothes.

Sort your washable clothing, separating dark colors from light colors and whites. Wash heavily soiled items separately from lightly soiled items in order to avoid soil transfer. Any large or dark stains should be pre-treated by pouring a small amount of Planet Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent directly onto the stain and rubbing the detergent in. Rinse the pre-treatment out after a few minutes if you do not plan to launder the item immediately, so as to avoid damaging the fabric. For stubborn stains, pre-soak the clothing in warm water with a small amount of detergent.

On your washing machine, select the appropriate color and temperature settings. In general, wash dark colors in cold or cool water, and wash light colors and whites in cool or warm water. If in doubt, refer to garment care labels for specific instructions. Heavily soiled clothing may require warm water for the best cleaning results. Use cold water for the rinse cycle.

Using the cap provided on top of the Planet Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent bottle, measure out an appropriate amount of detergent and add this amount to your washing machine. For regular sized loads (large setting on your washer), fill the cap up to the REGULAR fill line. For extra large or heavily soiled loads, fill the cap up to the LARGE fill line. For small or lightly soiled loads, fill the cap a little less than half full. Hard water conditions or washing in cold water may require more detergent. Planet Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent will perform best in warm, soft water.

Measure to fill line 3 (3 oz) inside cap for medium load. Add detergent and clothing according to your washer's instructions. For large loads or heavily soiled clothes, measure to fill line 4 (4 oz). use less for small or lightly soiled loads.

Measurement Table
Small load60ml.2oz.1/4 cup
Medium load90ml.3oz.3/8 cup
Regular (large) load120ml.4oz.1/2 cup
Extra large load150ml.5oz.5/8 cup

Water (carrier) - laureth-7, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine (plant-based cleaning agents) - sodium sesquicarbonate (mineral alkalinity adjuster) - sodium chloride (mineral viscosity adjuster) - methylisothiazolinine, benzisothiazolinone (preservatives) - C10-16 pareth-1, sodium sulfate (incidental ingredients).

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