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Power Coco Coconut Water Sports Drink, Lemon Lime - 16 Ounce (Pack of 12)

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Taste level that is very tricky. Coconut water looks like water with an aftertaste of holiday. Unlike coconut milk, water is very light. The tastes is sweet and not in any way cloying. In fact, it might be a healthier version flavored water: natural and a little odoriferous.

What is really good is the fact that it is neutral. suddenly, coconut water can accompany any dish. For instance, during the Christmas period involving years, I think I’ll substitute a few glasses of vino by coconut water.

The clean, crisp taste of Lemon-Lime will leave you feeling ultimately refreshed. The natural flavors create a smooth invigorating blend while giving you the Natural Hydration you need to compete at the highest level.

Coconut Water Natural Hydration • No High Fructose Corn Syrup • Natural color • Low calorie, No Cholesterol • Gluten Free, Zero Fat

Coconut water contains no fat  : it possesses many natural trace elements and minerals like potassium, calcium, straightener and zinc which are essential for our body. By regularly ingesting a moderate dose of coconut water, you are assured to consume a true well-being and shield your body with strengthening ones immune system.

It is abundant with vitamins , which boosts your entire body in the medium term and may help the body to far better digest, especially dietary fiber, which could help prevent constipation but also serves to fill the desire for food. For munchies, coconut water accelerates the sense of satiety with a snack from the actual refreshingly exotic.

According to late(a) scientific studies, people with high blood pressure levels usually have a low bloodstream potassium. Coconut water overcomes this because it can be rich in minerals like atomic number 19, but also in lauric acid solution. These two elements combined assist in improving and regulate blood pressure.

A new detox ally

Coconut water has a high content associated with essential fatty acids  : These chemicals help loosen toxins located in the fat cells. Coconut water will help cleanse your body inside and depth focusing especially on these cells. You will see some vitality but especially you eliminate more rapidly, you complicate your silhouette.

Coconut water and slimming?

Coconut water also has a draining motion for cellulite effect; Indeed, the particular  cellulite  is the result of accumulation of fats that revive settle on specific and ugly areas such as the lower berth abdomen, thighs, buttocks or arms. With cellulite, blood circulation becomes poor and the body seriously isn't supplied with nutrients as nicely as it should.

With coconut water, your body found a next youth and acts as would dietary fiber waste and waste are flushed naturally, your hide regains elasticity and flexibility fresh and blood circulation is enhanced again.


For several centuries, the water of green coconut is used in tropical international locations as essential for rehydration drinks, health and beauty. Lately, was also discovered as a beverage pertaining to athletes: it is rich throughout vitamins and minerals, is consequently a source of great power.

Coconut Water Sports Drink Lemon Lime

In the actual water content of coconut are five basic electrolytes, as well as potassium levels 10-15 times higher than sports beverages. Coconut water is therefore a food regarding great value: it is 100% natural, 99% fat-free, contains no cholesterol levels, is low in sugar, energy and carbohydrates; but from an energy point of view and is any nutritional drink rich in mineral deposits, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, trace elements, amino acids and proteins that promote the health and well being to the main body with detoxifying, purifying and also deacidifying . 

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