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Professional Formulas, Allersode Test Kit - Kit 29 Vials

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Airborne Allersode Combination (AAIR)
Animal Mix (ACAT)
Biting Insect Mix (ABUG)
Caffeine Mix (ACAF)
Dairy Mix (ADAIRY)
Eastern Tree Mix (AEAST)
Flower Mix (AROSE)
Fruit and Berry Mix (AFRUIT)
Gluten Allersode (AGLUT)
Grain and Seed Mix (AGRAIN)
Grass and Weed Mix (AGRASS)
Household Dust/Mold Allersode (AMOLD)
Meat/Poultry Allersode (AMEAT)
Nightshade Allersode (ANIGHT)
Northeast Regional Allersode (ANE)
Northwest Regional Allersode (ANW)
Nut Mix Allersode (ANUT)
Poison Ivy/Oak Allersode (AOAK)
Shellfish Mix (AFISH)
Smoke Allersode (ASMOKE)
Southeast Regional Allersode (ASE)
Southwest Regional Allersode (ASW)
Sugar Mix (ASUGAR)
Tree Mix I (ATREE1)
Tree Mix II (ATREE2)
Tropical Allersode (ATH)
Vegetable Mix (AVEG)
Wheat Allersode (AWHEAT)
Opsin I (Food Allergy) (X14)
Opsin II (Inhalant Allergy) (X15)
Allergy Liquescence (T31)

Direction of use as directed by your healthcare professional.

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