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Pure Alaska Salmon Co - Redhead Wild Sockeye Salmon From Alaska -7.5 Oz Cans (Pack of 12)

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Processed hours after harvest in Bristol Bay, Alaska-the world's greatest run of sockeye salmon- Pure Alaska's Redhead sockeye (red) salmon may be fresher than fresh. Its uses are endless, and its nutrition unmatched. With low to no contaminants of any kind, canned Alaska salmon is the preferred protein source for people of all ages and stages of life. Wild Alaska salmon is harvested sustainably. Enjoying Redhead wild Alaska sockeye salmon is the practical, delicious and convenient way to get optimal amounts of wild salmon in one's diet regularly.

Redhead, with its unmistakable color, is fabulous straight out of the can, with just a squeeze of lemon. Try our 'Straight Out of Can' recipe for the ultimate in easy nutrition.

Those rich oily juices visible upon opening a can come naturally from the salmon itself-Redhead is nothing more than sockeye salmon steak and a bit of salt. You need not drain the can - add that nutritious and flavor enhancing juice to your recipes.

Box of 12 7.5 oz cans, (total 90oz)

  • Pure and Superior Source of Omega 3's, vitamin D & protein
  • Sustainably harvested in Alaska's pristine waters
  • Kosher certified-a pure food of the USA
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Pure and Superior Source of Omega 3's, vitamin D & protein

Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Water

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