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Ricola, Herb Immunity - 24 Gummies

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HERBAL IMMUNITY CITRUS GUMMIES: Ricola's Herbal Immunity Gummies are formulated with ginseng, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and B12, and Swiss herbs, to help support the immune system. The delicious herbal taste is complimented by a tasty, tart citrus flavor. • THE RICOLA HERBAL IMMUNITY DIFFERENCE: Ricola's Herbal Immunity Gummies do not contain artificial flavors or colors, only natural flavorings & colors, are free from genetically modified ingredients, & contain Ricola's proprietary blend of 10 Swiss herbs. • SWISS HERBAL BLEND: Ricola's unique formula uses a secret blend of ten herbs grown in the Swiss mountains with natural farming guidelines. This blend of herbs is included in our immunity drops & gummies, giving them a pleasantly herbal taste you'll love. • KNOWN FOR HERBAL COUGH DROPS: Ricola drops have been trusted for cough & sore throat relief for generations, loved for their taste of Swiss Alpine herbs, like peppermint, thyme & lemon balm. The Ricola Herbal blend is used in Immunity Gummies & Drops, too. • RICOLA QUALITY HERBAL IMMUNITY GUMMIES: Compare the taste and ingredients of Ricola Herbal Immunity Gummies to those from brands such as Zarbees, Sundown Naturals, Nature's Bounty, Counter Attack, Sovereign Silver, Host Defense, Moducare, Yogi, & Olly.
Take 1 gummies per day
Ingredients sugar, tapioca syrup,water,pectin blend,Ricola herbal blend,sodium ascorbate,Asian ginseng extract powder,sodium citrate, natural flavors,natural color,citric acid,vitamins B6/B12 blend

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