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San Francisco Salt Company- French Grey Salt from the Celtic Region of France - 1lb Fine Grain

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100% Natural French Grey Salt

  • Preferred salt choice by the top chefs in France and around the world
  • Carries the 'Nature & Progrès' certification label from France.
  • Hand harvested salt, using techniques more than a thousand years old
  • Mild flavor, suitable for adding flavor to a wide variety of dishes

All-natural French Grey Salt. Choose your grain size: Fine - preferred choice for sprinkling on food/cooking. Coarse - you will need a grinder to grind this salt for food purposes. Salt color: natural light grey Salt origin: Guerande, France *Please note: Due to its natural harvesting process, this salt may arrive slightly damp because of moisture in the salts.

Directions Use for: Culinary - Food Grade Salt for consumption. French Grey Salt's mild flavor makes it perfect for seasoning many types of dishes including meats, chowders, shellfish, soups, pastas and sauces.

Ingredients French Grey Salt

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