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The Synergy Company, Organic Matcha Power - 2.1 oz Powder

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Certified organic, ceremonial-grade Matcha green tea powder from Japan — only 1% of Matcha in the world meets this standard
• Promotes concentration, focus and productivity with natural L-theanine
• Provides calm alertness and a natural, “soft” energy lift for 4+ hours — no jitters or crashes!
• Grown exclusively for Synergy on a small, multi-generational family farm in the Mount Fuji valleys of Japan. Cold-milled using traditional ceramic stone mill for freshness and purity
• USDA Certified Organic; Non-GMO, Vegan, Allergen-Free, Kosher
Our UnMATCHAble Matcha: Organic, Ceremonial-Grade Japanese Green Tea

Organic Matcha Power is not only the rarest, but also the most beneficial form of Japanese green tea. It gently lifts and sustains your energy, concentration, and productivity while supporting your overall health and well-being. Our exclusive, organic, 100% Japanese ceremonial Matcha is hands down one of the planet’s healthiest superfoods with more than 10x the antioxidants compared to traditional teas and many well-known superfoods.

 Our Organic Matcha Power is created using the same four principles — respect, tranquility, harmony, and purity — that form the basis of the revered, 800+-year-old Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Less than 1% of all Matcha in the world is of this extraordinary purity and quality, of which 99% is reserved solely for special ceremonial use within Japan. Organic Matcha Power is made using all these traditional methods by a wonderful family who has been the multi-generational steward of this small, sacred tea farm situated beneath the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji. This land is the absolute perfect, environmentally protected place on Earth for growing the best Matcha there is.  The spirit and history of Organic Matcha Power runs deep — experience this exquisite tradition and feel the “power” for yourself.

The Gifts Of Organic Matcha: The “Elixir of Immortality” for 800+ Years

The Perfectly Balanced Natural “Energy” Supplement
 Along with its modest amounts of naturally balanced caffeine, our Organic Matcha Power contains a very special, natural amino acid called theanine that can support healthy relaxation and stress relief.  This balanced synergy of the yin (L-theanine) & yang (caffeine) of Organic Matcha Power supports our bodies and minds to come alive in a wonderfully healthy way that is focused, sustained, and pleasant, not jittery or jarring.

An Antioxidant Powerhouse That Surpasses All the Others
 Results from the ORAC test method show that Matcha is on average 10 times greater in antioxidant potency on a gram for gram basis than superfoods like acai berry, dark chocolate, goji berries, and many others.

More Powerful Than Ordinary Green Tea
 3 capsules or just 1 teaspoon daily of Organic Matcha Power contains the equivalent of multiple cups of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content.

The “Greenest” of All Green Teas
 Our Matcha is organically grown exclusively for Synergy in the Mount Fuji valleys of Japan under the most pristine conditions and naturally processed without the use of any solvents, chemicals, or other compromising substances. Organic Matcha Power is also regularly tested to ensure its absolute purity and safety.

Health Benefits for Your Whole Body
 Along with its energy benefits, Matcha is linked to cell protection, healthy heart function, healthy cholesterol and blood sugar balance, memory support, and healthy weight management.  Many of these superb benefits are likely due to one of Matcha’s star players, an antioxidant gem in the catechin family called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

Directions Briskly mix/shake 1 teaspoon into 6-12 oz. of cold or hot water for a refreshing drink to support your overall energy, focus and well-being (more can be taken as desired). Or add to smoothies, blend with juice, or get creative!

Ingredients Organic Japanese Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Green Tea.

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