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The synergy company, SuperPure Ginger Extract - 60 Capsules

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SuperPure Ginger Extract

To Ease Digestion & Support a Healthy Inflammation Response

SuperPure Ginger features our exclusive certified organic dual H2O & CO2 extract for maximum benefits. Just one capsule daily delivers 425 mg of organic ginger extract concentrated to a full 25 mg of the all-important gingerols and shogaols. SuperPure® Ginger effectively eases and strengthens digestion, supports a healthy inflammation response, and enhances overall well-being. Optimize your health with this world-renowned “universal healer.”

Health Benefits
•Acts as a powerful digestive helper
•Used traditionally for nausea & motion sickness
•Supports a healthy inflammation & immune response
•Protects & supports healthy cells & antioxidant activity
•Maintains healthy joints, muscles & bones
•Nourishes & supports healthy brain & cognitive function
•Optimizes overall well-being & healthy aging

More Than A Tummy Tamer

Ginger is a mainstay of traditional medicine with powerful benefits for just about every system in the body. Of course, most people are familiar with ginger for stomach upset, nausea and overall digestion. However, promising new research on ginger is very intriguing and goes far beyond our tummies. With the potential to support a healthy inflammation response and exert unique antioxidant effects on brain and cellular health, ginger is much more than a tummy tamer — which is why it’s been known as the “Universal Healer” for over 1,000 years.

BUT, in order to get all of ginger’s special benefits, you need more than a daily cup of ginger tea or a basic ginger capsule. You need a potent H2O & CO2 standardized extract that contains all the essential gingerol and shogaol compounds, which are critical for optimal benefit.  We’ve designed our certified organic SuperPure® Ginger to offer 425 mg of extract per capsule concentrated to a complete 25 mg of ginger’s most valuable oils


Directions 1 capsule daily taken with a full glass of water during or following a meal.

Ingredients Certified Organic Ginger Rhizime Extract. Other Ingredients: Certified Organic Vegetarian (Pullulan) Capsule.

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