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Triloka - Perfume Oil Nag Champa - 1 Dram

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Triloka Perfume Oil Nag Champa is a blend of plant and flower essences in a vegetable oil base. No harmful chemicals or alcohol are use. Triloka perfume oils are produced without animal testing, and no dyes or harmful chemicals are used. Natural essential oil are used whenever possible; however, some fragrances utilize natural identicals.

Since Windrose Trading Company does not manufacture the Triloka perfume oils, they are unable to provide customers with the exact ingredients in these oils, but they have been assured that all ingredients are of the highest quality. Customers with a specific allergy to any oil product should not use Triloka perfume oils. Triloka Perfume Oil is for external use only.

Fair Trade Background of Windrose Trading Company At Windrose, they provide the highest quality Triloka aromatherapy incense and handcrafted gifts by supporting Fair Trade cottage industry partners. Windrose founders were among the first pioneers of Fair Trade cottage industry in India and Nepal. It has always been at the core of the values to partner with suppliers who are supporting worthy projects or foundations.

Net profits from a long-time Triloka incense producer have been supporting an Ayurvedic free clinic in India for over 20 years. The sage is sustainably harvested by a Native American reservation cooperative, which is preserving a sacred native tradition while providing income for an impoverished community. For over a decade, the main partner providing Nepali handcrafts has supported a monastery housing over 200 monks.

Apply to pulse points or elsewhere on the body, as desired.

Ingredients Plant and Flower essence blended in a vegetable oil base.

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